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How ‘nerd’ culture powered through the pandemic


Meet the online content creators beating the odds to build successful careers from their passions.

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Biden to raise US refugee cap to 125,000 for next year


US administration says it intends to increase refugee admissions for next fiscal year, a move welcomed by advocates.

The Biden administration has signalled plans to double the United States’s refugee admissions cap for the next fiscal year, reaffirming a commitment to bolster a resettlement programme that was gutted by former President Donald Trump.

The Department of State announced on Monday that the administration sent a report to Congress recommending that the limit be raised from 62,500 to 125,000 in the next fiscal year, which begins on October 1, 2021.

“With the world facing unprecedented global displacement and humanitarian needs, the United States is committed to leading efforts to provide protection and promote durable solutions to humanitarian crises, to include providing resettlement for the most vulnerable,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a statement.

The move comes as Washington is planning to resettle thousands of Afghans who fled their country after the Taliban takeover last month. With as many 40,000 Afghans already brought to the US under different statuses, it is unclear how many will formally be admitted under the refugee system.

President Joe Biden faced criticism earlier this year after he delayed a promise to raise the 2021 admissions cap from a historic low of 15,000 set by his predecessor, Trump. But in May the Democratic Party leader raised the limit to 62,500.

Still, the US is projected to resettle 12,500 refugees by the end of the current fiscal year, according to the Department of State – partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When raising the 2021 cap, Biden acknowledged that it would be difficult to resettle the maximum number of people that it allows. He also dampened expectations for the next fiscal year, saying it “will still be hard to hit” the 125,000 limit.

“We might not make it the first year,” Biden said in a statement in May. “But we are going to use every tool available to help these fully-vetted refugees fleeing horrific conditions in their home countries.”

The president sets the refugee cap, but Congress is in charge of allocating the budget that includes resources for the resettlement programme. On Monday, the State Department said it would consult with lawmakers about the proposed refugee cap.

‘Hope for refugees’

Senator Dick Durbin, a senior Democrat, applauded the move.

“While I’m disappointed in the projected number of refugees to be admitted this fiscal year, I acknowledge the challenges the Biden Administration inherited with the US Refugee Admissions Program due to the anti-immigrant actions of the previous Administration,” Durbin wrote on Twitter.

“Facing the greatest refugee crisis in our time, I know the Biden Administration is working to restore the United States’ longstanding bipartisan tradition of providing safety to the world’s most vulnerable refugees – including Afghan refugees.”

Church World Service (CWS), an NGO that helps with refugee resettlement, also lauded the US administration’s decision.

“Today we celebrate a return to moral leadership and our nation’s commitment to welcome and generosity,” Erol Kekic, senior vice president at CWS, said in a statement. “At long last there is hope for refugees in search of safety, including Afghans who are in imminent danger and thousands of families waiting to be reunited.”

Some advocacy groups, including Oxfam and HIAS had pushed for raising the cap to 200,000 to accommodate the Afghanistan crisis. On Monday, HIAS called on the administration and Congress to rebuild and fully fund the US refugee resettlement programme.

“We cannot forget that this includes making sure that newly arriving Afghans must also have access to the same services as refugees admitted through the resettlement program,” Naomi Steinberg, HIAS vice president for policy and advocacy, said in a statement.

“They must also be able to become legal permanent residents, and ultimately US citizens, just as those admitted as refugees are able to do.”

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“New Girl” Star Lamorne Morris Reflects on Hilarious Co-Stars – E! Online


What was it like for the "New Girl" star filming the funny FOX comedy? Plus, Lamorne talks Damon Wayans Jr.'s return, the bond they created and a possible reunion!

E! Online Videos (US)

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Emma Mackey On ‘Sex Education’ Season 3’s Biggest Moments, and What She Wants For Maeve In Season 4


“I’ve never been good at doing just one thing,” admits Emma Mackey. Perhaps this—the fact of her own restlessness—is what makes these sorts of publicity interviews a challenge for the 25-year-old actress. Certainly she loves talking about Maeve, her sour-on-the-outside, sweet-on-the-inside role in the Netflix teen dramedy Sex Education, but she’s constantly swatting away the fear she’ll be forever pinned as Maeve. It’s the job that made her the sought-after star she is today, but it’s also a job she wants to, someday, shed and outgrow. This agitation isn’t exactly a new personality trait of Mackey’s; before landing Sex Ed, she was similarly stretched thin at the University of Leeds, where she studied English language and literature. And French. And law.

“The job of acting, in that respect, is great because you can play a doctor for three months and then you can play a writer for the next three months,” she says. “It’s kind of a beautiful thing for someone with a brain like mine.”

This year, the actress is gearing up for two buzzy roles in Death on the Nile and the Brontë film Emily, but today, we’re still talking about Maeve. Everything, ultimately, traces back to Maeve, Mackey’s first recurring TV role and one of the most fascinating figures in the new season of Sex Education, which debuted Friday. Spiky but empathetic, brilliant but overlooked, Maeve is the kind of role actresses crave: She’s a love interest whose most captivating scenes happen outside the orbit of her romances. A cutting intellectual and a deeply loyal friend, Maeve nurtures a revolutionary perspective on sex within the antiquated atmosphere of Moordale Secondary. It’s her ideas—not her Margot Robbie-like looks—that first unite her with Asa Butterfield’s quirky protagonist, Otis.

Ironically, it’s her performance as Maeve that proves Mackey has the acting chops to eventually leave Maeve behind. Season 3, in particular, is fertile ground for both Maeve and Mackey’s development, a tandem rise that’s as fun as it is significant to watch. Below, Mackey discusses why she almost didn’t take the job that changed her life—and how she hopes Maeve will develop into season 4 and beyond.

When you first signed on for Sex Education, did you have any inkling it was going to be the huge success it is now?

I had no clue. I wasn’t sure if I was even going to do it. I’d never done [a TV series] before, so it was quite a momentous thing to take on. Luckily, it’s been handled really beautifully and has been edited and cast really well. It sets the bar very high. Other jobs now, I’m kind of like, “Why isn’t this like Sex Ed?”

If you weren’t sure at first, what made you decide to take the role?

It was a gift of a part; I couldn’t really turn that down. I think any doubts I had were more about my nerves, my own sort of prudishness that I might’ve had at the time, being new and not knowing what was right for me.

Even then, I hadn’t read all the script. I had only read a few [episodes], but I did get very protective of her [as I read]. At one point, I was like, “Maybe I would like to play her, because I think she’s quite special.”

A lot of shows try to say something important about sex, but Sex Education is groundbreaking in a way most series can only dream of. If you could pinpoint it, what do you think is the show’s particular magic?

Because it’s a kind of heightened, stylized world, I think the writers are able to create and explore topics that otherwise wouldn’t be able to be done. Because we’re in this very specific bubble, the characters are allowed the space to come to life.

[The show] also tries to fit in so many things that you’re bound to recognize yourself at some point. Even on a practical, educational level, I think [the show] is reassuring a lot of people, making them come to terms with things they haven’t really allowed themselves to come to terms with. It makes people actually take a step back and think, “What the fuck? Oh my God. This happened to me.” Or, “Oh, I was like that. That’s why.” It helps people actually connect the dots, which is pretty formidable.

Mackey with the cast of Sex Education in 2020.

David M. BenettGetty Images

In season 3, we open with Maeve in a particularly challenging place. Her mother is refusing to speak with her. She didn’t hear Otis’s voicemail last season, so they’re in an uncomfortable spot. She maybe has a crush on Isaac. What was the most interesting dynamic for you to explore?

I think what was really interesting to play is—also because I love [Anne-Marie Duff, who plays Erin Wiley]—all the stuff with [Maeve’s] mom is really important to me. It adds real depth and authenticity to Maeve. Everyone’s home lives feed into and nourish who they are and why they act the way they act at school, and even how they might be with their sexuality. Is that because of their parents? It’s honestly so many connecting dots that it’s kind of mind-boggling. [Laughs.] I sound like Hugh Grant.

There’s a particularly intimate scene between Maeve and Isaac this season. I’m curious how you and George Robinson worked together to translate that comfort, that ease.

It’s not really a forced thing, and that’s the magic of casting. That’s why we do chemistry reads, and that’s why [casting director Lauren Evans] is a genius, because she put us all together. So that’s all done for us.

There was a lot of back and forth-ing on the intimacy scenes. It’s always really important to to get the right messages across, to make sure they’re done in a way that takes into account where the characters are and who they are. I wanted to be a friend for [George] and to make sure he felt safe and that he was listened to. He was so kind and so generous and so patient with me. Yeah, he’s just a lovely, lovely boy and a lovely friend.

But again, we’re lucky, because [all the cast members] do generally get on. It’s a bit mad. It’s quite incredible to have an ensemble of people all in their twenties, who get on so well and who see each other outside of work and who cultivate and nourish these friendships outside of work. I think it’s so important. That’s the main takeaway from this job that I love.

You and Asa Butterfield, as Maeve and Otis, have a really interesting arc over the course of this season. The two characters have danced around each other for pretty much three whole seasons, and then finally we have this momentous kiss, and they’re finally together! Then Maeve has to sail off to the States. Why do you think these two characters keep missing each other? Do you think they have a future?

Oh, wow. I’ve just always seen it as—it’s a timing thing. Which often it is, isn’t it? I think they’re both quite good at communicating how they feel, Otis perhaps more so than Maeve. But really, they needed to grow up and figure shit out for themselves.

Also, their whole world doesn’t revolve around each other. They both have home lives. They’re not satellites around each other. I think it’s important to show that they have a whole rich life individually. If the time is right, it will happen, and I think that’s what we achieved this season.

emma mackey as maeve wiley, asa butterfield as otis milburn in episode 5 of sex education season 3

Mackey and Butterfield in season 3 of Sex Education.

Sam Taylor/Netflix

What would you say is your favorite part of season 3, even if it doesn’t involve Maeve?

I was excited to see Cal (Dua Saleh) and Jackson’s (Kedar Williams-Stirling) relationship evolve—I really like their dynamic. Also, I feel that [all the cast members] have become more grounded. Everyone is sort of at a level where we’ve got a solid foundation, and now we can play with it and make it more naturalistic.

You’ve mentioned multiple times in interviews that you have a general discomfort around the idea of celebrity. Have you grown more at ease with your following? Or is it still jarring to be thought of as a public figure?

I don’t really care. I don’t really care about it that much, and I don’t want it to suck up every ounce of energy that I have. I think that’s why I have spoken quite vociferously about Instagram and social media and all that, because I think it just doesn’t correlate with who I am. I don’t really see why [the world should follow] someone like me, who just wants a simple life—which is hilarious because I don’t really think I’ve chosen the right job for it. [Laughs]

I’m sure [the attention] can bring some benefits to some people, but I don’t think it works for me. It brings me a tremendous amount of anxiety and discomfort. I’m very lucky to do my job, and I know that it’s now a part of the job to do that kind of stuff, but it doesn’t have to be. I want to be able to make a choice on that matter.

You’ve also been vocal about your desire to explore a life outside of acting. Is that still the case? Do you see yourself as a writer, or someone behind the camera?

Yeah, and I think those shifts will happen naturally. I’m very happy in my job, and I love my job when I’m in it. I very much feel like when I’m on set, I’m in my element, and it brings me a lot of joy. So I’m not going to stop acting right now. It’s just, only doing one thing—I can’t do that. It’s not possible for me. I like the idea of being a jack of all trades. And why not? Why not direct?

aimee lou wood as aimee gibbsin, emma mackey as maeve wiley in episode 2 of sex education season 3

Mackey with actress Aimee Lou Wood in Sex Education season 3.

Sam Taylor/Netflix

Season 3 ends with Maeve leaving to study abroad in the U.S. I’m curious what you want for Maeve to get out of this experience. If season 4 does happen, how do you want her to change?

I’m excited for her to make some new friends, to open up a bit more and be exposed to a different culture, to a different kind of world. Because she’s only ever lived in her little tiny bubbles. How is she out of that bubble?

It’d be really nice to see her actually living out a dream for herself. What does that do to a person, and how does that change you? What kind of happiness does that give you? And all the anxieties that come with being away from home. If we get to it, it will be a lovely thing to witness.

Finally, what has this show and this experience taught you about sex within our larger culture? Do you feel like your perspective has changed since you started working on Sex Ed?

I mean, of course. I think that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? If anything, I think the main takeaway is that [the show’s] not prescriptive, and hopefully people don’t see it as, “Oh, this is how [sex] should be.” It’s more of like, this is a story that we’re telling, and these are the characters we have to offer you. Do with them what you will, but go forth and discuss all of these topics. Even if you’re not ready [to have sex] yet, just know that we have created this little bubble for you to dip into and to feel safe in, and to be reassured by.

This interview was edited and condensed for clarity.

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‘Obscene’: Rights groups slam US expulsions of Haitian migrants


Washington, DC – Rights groups in the United States have blasted the Biden administration for its planned expulsion of some 12,000 mostly Haitian migrants and asylum seekers who have been camped under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, after wading across the Rio Grande River from Mexico.

US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said on Monday that 6,500 migrants and asylum seekers have been taken into custody in advance of processing and removal from the US. On Sunday, the first flights carrying migrants landed in Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince.

“It’s completely unconscionable,” Steven Forester, immigration policy coordinator at the US-based Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, told Al Jazeera. “There’s no way Haiti can handle the people that are in Haiti now given the conditions there. It can’t provide for these people.”

The US in May acknowledged the potential dangers Haitian migrants could face if they are deported back to their country [Ralph Tedy Erol/Reuters]

Images during the weekend showed hundreds of Haitian migrants trudging waist-deep across the Rio Grande while carrying their belongings over their heads to reach the US, heaping pressure on the Biden administration to rethink its immigration policies.

DHS said the vast majority of the migrants will be expelled under Title 42, a Trump-era health order that cites the coronavirus pandemic as a reason to quickly expel people seeking asylum at the US border.

“If you come to the United States illegally, you will be returned,” Mayorkas said during a news conference in Del Rio on Monday, adding that the US would conduct up to three deportation flights a day. “Your journey will not succeed and you will be endangering your life and your family’s lives.”

Rights groups for months have blasted Title 42 as inhumane, not based on science, and a violation of the US’s own immigration laws – and they have been calling on US President Joe Biden to reverse the policy since he took office in January.

“They should stop deportations,” said Alix Desulme, who is Haitian and serves on city council in the city of North Miami, home to a large Haitian community. “It’s been a cry way before this happened,” Desulme told Al Jazeera, referring to the planned expulsions from the Texas-Mexico border encampment, “and Title 42 needs to be repealed.”

Political, humanitarian crises

The expulsions could not come at a worse time for Haiti.

Haitian President Jovenel Moise was assassinated in July, thrusting a country already grappling with political turmoil into deeper uncertainty. A month later, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck, killing over 2,000 people and devastating the southern region of the small Caribbean island.

Even before those events, the US had acknowledged the potential dangers Haitian migrants could face if they are deported back to their country.

On May 22, the Biden administration announced an 18-month Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitians, shielding them from deportations. But the measure only applies to those in the US before July 29.

‘Obscene’: Rights groups slam US expulsions of Haitian migrantsMany Haitian migrants have been returning to Mexico in fear of deportation from the US [Felix Marquez/AP Photo]

“Haiti is currently experiencing serious security concerns, social unrest, an increase in human rights abuses, crippling poverty, and lack of basic resources, which are exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Mayorkas said in a statement at the time.

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry said on Saturday that he was “very concerned by the extremely difficult conditions” Haitians were living through at the US-Mexico border, but said Haiti would support them upon their return to the country.

During a news briefing on Monday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki also said the US government has a “range of programme options as well as financial support in place” that would assist Haitian nationals as well as the Haitian authorities, without specifying further.

‘Nothing to go back to’

Nicole Phillips, legal director at the Haitian Bridge Alliance, another US-based support and advocacy group, said the situation in Haiti has grown worse since the TPS designation.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the south of the country are still without housing and have little access to drinking water after the most recent earthquake, Phillips explained.

The political situation also has grown more volatile with gangs in control of key areas and the country’s top prosecutor – who has since been sacked – last week asking the judge investigating Moise’s killing to charge Henry, the prime minister, for alleged involvement in the assassination.

“Many of these migrants at the border, their family members died in the earthquake and others their houses collapsed,” Phillips told Al Jazeera, “so there’s actually nothing for them to go back to. There’s no one to even pick them up at the airport.”

‘Obscene’: Rights groups slam US expulsions of Haitian migrantsSome Haitian migrants used a dam to cross into the United States from Mexico, on September 18 [Eric Gay/AP Photo]

She added that many fled Haiti years ago and have been living in South America or waiting in Mexico for months or even years for an opportunity to claim asylum in the US.

Immigration at the US-Mexico border has been a major political challenge for the Biden administration.

Last month, more than 200,000 mostly Central American migrants and asylum seekers crossed into the US. The vast majority were expelled back to Mexico under Title 42, but top Republican leaders accuse Biden of not doing enough to stop people from coming.

Meanwhile, the thousands of Haitians who remain camped under the bridge are suffering in a scorching heat, with little access to food, water and sanitation, immigration advocates say. Many others, fearing deportation, have been returning to Mexico.

“The whole message is deterrence,” Forester said. “The idea that you sacrifice human beings to send a message is obscene and it won’t work.”

Al Jazeera – Breaking News, World News and Video from Al Jazeera

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See Billy Porter, Taraji P. Henson and More 2021 Emmys Stars Dazzle in the E! Glambot – E! Online


Strike a pose!

Hollywood veterans and newcomers alike stepped out in their finest attire for the 2021 Emmy Awards on Sunday, Sept. 19. After the annual ceremony was held in the comfort of stars’ homes last year amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, A-listers made sure to bring their fashion A-game

From wildly vibrant dresses to glitzy accessories and bold beauty looks, there was an array of unforgettable fashion moments.

In fact, E! News has the (high definition) footage to prove it. E!’s famous Glambot made a triumphant return to the red carpet and captured the most dazzling designs from head to toe.

Billy Porter was among the slew of celebs who took a moment to pose for the 360-camera, where he displayed his dramatic ruffled wing top in all its glory. Saturday Night Live star Bowen Yang did a fun leg pop and showed off his shiny silver heeled boots. You know, the much-buzzed-about accessory of the night!

E! Online (US) – Red Carpet Blog

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Tyra Banks Defends Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Olivia Jade Joining Dancing With the Stars – E! Online


As for the A-list contestants this season, Tyra especially is proud of JoJo. “I am a huge fan of what JoJo Siwa is doing in being the first person to dance with the same sex,” the host added. “I think it is needed, I think it is now. It is where the world is, and she is opening up the doors for so many people to go through those and feel safe and accepted for who they are.” 

Watch the full interview with Tyra above to also hear why she’s returning to the runway, and how she plans on being more “transparent” on DWTS!

Dancing With the Stars returns tonight, Sept. 20 on ABC.

E! Online (US) – TV News

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18 Fitness (and Lounge) Essentials From Carbon38’s Huge Sale



With back-to-school energy in the air, September is a natural time for a wardrobe update—workout gear included. Starting today, Carbon38’s fall sale is bringing exactly what you need for a fitness refresh. From now until September 21, almost all apparel and accessories at Carbon38 are 30% off with the code STOCKUP.

Narrowing down the sale items worthy of your next barre or spin class can be harder than choosing your favorite instructor. We searched Carbon38’s entire site for the 18 pieces you’ll want to order before the sale ends next week. Nike sneakers, Stella McCartney for Adidas tops, and Sweaty Betty leggings are a few of our favorites for every type of workout—but we also found versatile pieces to wear before and after class.

Build the fitness (or lounge) outfits you’ll wear all fall with our top finds from the Carbon38 fall sale, ahead.

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Bubble Shirt


$187 $130.90 (30% off with code “STOCKUP”) 

Oversized shirting just got even cozier. Wear Donni’s top over your go-to leggings or pair it with the matching lounge pants

AirMax 97 Lx Sneaker


$170 $119 (30% off with code STOCKUP) 

An iconic Nike sneaker for HIIT workouts and leisurely walks alike. 

Bar Silk Skirt

Anine Bing

$249 $174.30 (30% off with code STOCKUP) 

Carbon38 has designer essentials hiding among its best-in-class workout gear. We’re loving this minimalist slip skirt by Anine Bing for an easy outfit change.

High Rise Biker Short


$136 $95.20 (30% off with code STOCKUP) 

The season for sweaters and bike shorts will be gone before you know it. But you’ll make the most of it in shorts with a wide waistband and sculpting fabric, discounted in eight seasonal colors.

Sherpa Shacket


$168 $117.60 (30% off with code STOCKUP) 

Oversized outer layers aren’t going anywhere this fall. Take the coziest route in this plush (and on-sale) sherpa top.

Cut Out Back Jumpsuit


$118 $82.60 (30% off with code STOCKUP) 

Presenting the one-and-done outfit your wardrobe is missing. There’s nothing better than a jumpsuit for all-around support and ease of movement, no matter your favorite fitness class.

Tennis Skirt

Eleven by Venus Williams for Carbon38

$128 $89.60 (30% off with code STOCKUP)

The rare tennis skirt that’s Wimbledon-champion designed and approved.

Self Cleaning Water Bottle


$95 $66.50 (30% off with code STOCKUP) 

Maximum hydration, minimum effort. You’ll never want to leave the house without this self-cleaning bottle in tow. 

Ribbed Flare Legging

Year of Ours

$77 $53.90 (30% off with code STOCKUP) 

Year of Ours is known for its otherworldly soft leggings. There’s no time like Carbon38’s sale to see for yourself.

Mask Kit


$12 $8.40 (30% off with code STOCKUP) 

Just in case your mask collection could use a quick restock… 

Maribel Dress

$90 $63 (30% off with code STOCKUP)

An effortless dress for wherever the weekend takes you. 

Asmc Truestrength Yoga Crop

Adidas by Stella McCartney

$110 $77 (30% off with code STOCKUP) 

We’ll never say no to a sustainably-sourced workout top (and the matching tights). 

Ultimate P.volve Package


$190 $133 (30% off with code STOCKUP)

You can’t refresh your pilates wardrobe without gear to match. Whether you’re opting for online classes or crafting a DIY-fitness routine, P.Volve’s set has all the resistance and weight-training gear you need for a thorough workout—without leaving the living room.

Power 7/8 Workout Leggings

Sweaty Betty

$100 $70 (30% off with code STOCKUP) 

 Come for the cherry red, stay for the mid-rise and compression fabrics ready for any workout.

Multi-Way Strap Bra


$78 $54.60 (30% off with code STOCKUP) 

 We can never have too many sports bras. This convertible style is supportive for high impact workouts, but you can also wear it casually under a loose blazer à la fashion week street style.

Ultimate Blowout Travel Set


$50 $35 (30% off with code STOCKUP)

Whether you’re headed back to SoulCycle, OrangeTheory, or your local gym, you deserve salon quality hair-care for hitting the shower after every workout. Oribe’s set is pint-sized for your gym bag and guarantees healthy volume.

Bliss Lux Tank Dress


$90 $63 (30% off with code STOCKUP) 

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to join the exercise dress fan club, this is it. Nike’s version has a covert shelf bra and compression shorts built in for extra support.

Kye Crop Henley


$148 $103.60 (30% off with code STOCKUP)

The lightweight henley to wear for warm-up or the entire workout.

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