Saudi Arabia has terminated a loan and related oil supplies to Pakistan due to Islamabad’s criticism that the Riyadh-dominated Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is not doing enough on the Kashmir matter, leading to further deterioration of relations between the two allies. Pakistan’s foreign minister also threatened to break OIC if the group fails to convene a stand-alone session on Kashmir.

Pakistan needed to repay a Saudi credit of one billion dollars after Pakistan persisted that it should lead OIC on the Kashmir matters. In November 2018, Saudi Arabia announced the loan part of a $6.2 billion package which included a total of 3 three billion dollars in loans and an oil credit facility adding up to 3.2 billion dollars. Those deals were then signed in February last year when Crown Prince Muhammed Bin Salman made a visit to Pakistan.

However, Saudi Arabia showed no desire to convene a stand-alone meeting on Kashmir, focusing on a more expanding partnership with India.

 Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Pakistan’s foreign minister, last week requested the OIC to stop dithering on gathering a meeting of the group’s Council of Foreign Ministers on Kashmir.

Qureshi had told local media that he is by and by consciously disclosing to OIC that a gathering of the Council of Foreign Ministers is their desire. In the event that you can’t gather it, at that point he will be constrained to ask Prime Minister Imran Khan to consider a gathering of the Islamic nations that are prepared to remain with them on the issue of Kashmir and bolster the abused Kashmiris.

Qureshi, in response to a reporter’s query also said that Pakistan couldn’t stand by any further and undermined that if the OIC neglects to gather the CFM meeting, Pakistan would be all set for a meeting outside OIC.

The Ministry recalled that in December Pakistan left the Kuala Lumpur summit on Saudi Arabia’s request and now Pakistani Muslims are demanding Riyadh to show leadership on the matter. 

Pakistan’s position is supported by Turkey which needs to challenge Saudi Arabia’s administration in the Islamic world. Riyadh backs New Delhi’s stand that Kashmir is its local issue. The UAE, Oman, and some West Asian and North African countries are among the other Muslim-lion’s share countries backing India on this. India additionally has inferred support from Indonesia, the world’s greatest Muslim country. Other than Central Asian states have additionally upheld India. 

The Maldives in May had started a transition to restrict Pakistan’s tirade against India at the OIC meeting. Saudi Arabia and the UAE (when customary partners of Pakistan) had upheld the stand taken by the Maldives, an indication of their extending attaches with New Delhi. As per sources Oman, India’s most seasoned vital accomplice in the Gulf region is accepted to have expressed at the meet that the talk is a piece of India’s internal affairs.

Many other countries of the OIC did not respond to Pakistan’s initiative under the leadership of their Permanent Representative (PR) at the United Nations. Interestingly, the UAE’s decision to retake India was overtaken by Pakistan-based social media. The virtual meeting of the PRS chaired by UAE on 19 May.

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