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Mona Singh Says She’s Not In A Hurry To Have Kids As She Has Frozen Her Eggs

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Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin actress Mona Singh got married to her south Indian investment banker-boyfriend, Shyam Rajagopalan on December 27, 2019. The duo’s wedding was a low-key affair with only a few close friends and family in attendance. The actress is not worried about having gotten married at the age of 39. She added that she is not in a hurry to have kids as she has frozen her eggs.

Mona Singh Says…

Mona Singh Says…

Mona was quoted by TOI as saying, “We are living in a new world where there is no age to get married. I was in no rush. I feel this was the best age for me to get married because a person is more evolved, experienced and has seen his/her share of ups and downs, and you know that this (marriage) is important and this should stay. You get married now because you want to and because you think it is time to get married.”

Mona Singh Has Frozen Her Eggs

Mona Singh Has Frozen Her Eggs

She further added, “I have frozen my eggs and now I am free. I did that at the age of 34. Because I have gotten married now, I want to chill with my partner and travel the world with him. I haven’t done that yet. I have always travelled with my family or friends. I want to do that with my husband now and it is a different feeling now — going for walks, getting all the attention, keeping Karwa Chauth vrat – all this is so nice. Even though I love kids, if you ask me now, I am not mentally prepared to have one. Later in life, I would definitely think about it.”

Mona’s Mother’s Reaction

Mona’s Mother’s Reaction

Mona revealed that her mother was happy when she heard about the decision to freeze her eggs. She added that they had visited her gynaecologist in Pune and she had to take a few months break from work as the process involved a lot of mood swings. She further said that the process took about five months and now she is free.

The Actress Added…

The Actress Added…

She revealed that she was used to her own independence and own space, but after marriage, she moved in with her husband in December. But since she was shooting, she couldn’t stay at home and it was only in March that they stayed together due to the lockdown. She added that she experienced a lot of beautiful things for the first time in her life. She added that before marriage, her friend Gaurav Gera was her go-to person, but now it is her husband, who is not only a companion but a great listener.

Mona Believes In Adjustments After Marriage

Mona Believes In Adjustments After Marriage

Mona also added that she is a very old school kind of person and she believes in adjusting after marriage. She feels compromising is a very negative term, so she prefers the word adjusting. The actress added that she and her husband are strong individuals and they respect each other’s individuality.

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