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With To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before being one of Netflix’s biggest movie franchises, it makes sense why some fans find themselves in a frenzy in the presence of Noah Centineo.

In a GQ interview, published on Wednesday, Jan. 13, the 24-year-old teen heartthrob shared an outrageous story of fans following him to the airport shortly after the release of the 2018 film. 

He recalled at the time feeling as though someone was standing a bit too close to him, even for pre-COVID standards. Politely, the actor turned and asked the man how his flight was, to which the stranger replied, “Oh, no, we didn’t fly. We came here for you.”

Apparently, a group of five fans tracked his flight and caught up with the star at the airport—which is startling enough—but then the cluster attempted to follow Noah to his home!

Luckily for The Perfect Date star, his driver had experience with rowdy fans. He explained, “He goes, ‘Don’t worry, I’ve driven Angeline Jolie. I know how to do this.” Thinking back, he added, “I got lucky.”

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