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Rachel Uchitel is finally telling her side of the story.

The former nightclub hostess was thrust into the spotlight when her affair with Tiger Woods made national headlines in late 2009, but for years, she kept quiet about the entire experience. Then, one day, Matthew Hamachek, the co-director of HBO’s Tiger—a two-part documentary offering a revealing look at the rise, fall and epic comeback of the global icon—approached her about the project, which she ultimately agreed to take part in. 

Why? To break her silence once and for all, Rachel explained on the Tuesday, Jan. 12 episode of Daily Pop.

“I have spent 10 years not speaking and just let people call me so many names, and I have really lived a discount version of my life,” the Celebrity Rehab alum told E!’s Carissa Culiner and Justin Sylvester. “And I think that so many people can really identify with that in their own lives, feeling like they cannot get out of the first act of their life, and they really wanna move on to the second act and you’ve been, like, shackled by that.”

“I just felt like, you know what? I’m gonna tell my story,” Rachel added. “I want to do it with somebody credible, and I want to do it with people I trust. I’m going to do it once.” 

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