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Thursday, September 23, 2021

These vitamins and supplements have hundreds of 5* reviews and keep selling out, so what’s all the hype about?

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Taking care of our health and wellbeing is often at the forefront of our minds during winter’s cold and flu season, but especially so this year, as we’re all trying to boost our immunity during the Coronavirus pandemic.

That’s why, when we heard that a certain brand of vitamins had amassed hundreds of glowing five-star reviews and kept selling out, we knew we had to find out more.

Aussie brand JSHealth, founded by nutritionist Jessica Sepel and created alongside leading health experts, boasts a range of best-selling vitamins and supplements using ‘the transformational power of nutrients…with powerful ingredients backed by science’.

The robust scientific backing is seemingly what sets these products apart in the crowded health supplement market – every single ingredient in each of JSHealth’s formulas is supported by traditional scientific research and the therapeutic dosage is carefully worked out by their nutrition experts (basically, none of the goodness is watered down).

JSHealth have a range of vitamins and supplements tailored to your specific wellness requirements – ‘Skin + Digestion’, ‘Detox + Debloat’, ‘Anxiety + Stress‘ and so on.

But it’s the ‘Hair + Energy’ supplements in particular have amassed a huge amount of glowing reviews on Amazon.


One user wrote: “Been using it for a month now due to my hair falling out a lot due to stress and I can already see the difference, my hair fall has reduced, my hair feels thicker and looks healthier and I can also feel a difference in my energy levels!”

Another reviewer, fed up with trying ‘all of the hair supplements on the market’ with no results, said: “I have been completely blown away by this product…In 3 weeks, I have experienced a notable difference in the number of hairs falling out as well as improved condition of my hair (it’s much less dry, my scalp is healthier and it’s glossy). In addition, I feel like the energy aspect is also kicking in; I no longer experience a 3pm slump.”

So, whether you’re looking to tackle hair loss or simply want to bolster your immunity, it might be time to get behind this brand.

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These vitamins and supplements have hundreds of 5* reviews and keep selling out, so what's all the hype about?
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