Vikram Bhatt On Kangana Ranaut: She Will Not Be Completely Boycotted



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Vikram Bhatt during a Facebook live session with talked about the recent backlash Bollywood film industry has received. He also talked about the controversies surrounding Kangana Ranaut, who has been calling out many B-town celebs for alleged drug use, nepotism and favouritism in the industry.

Vikram Bhatt On Kangana Ranaut: She Will Not Be Completely Boycotted

The filmmaker has been a part of the Hindi film industry for over 36 years and hadn’t interacted with Kangana while she was working with Mahesh Bhatt. Vikram Bhatt said he had left the Bhatt Camp due to “mutual differences and returned during the film Raaz 3,” by which time Kangana had already worked in several films.

He also went on to add that Kangana is “definitely an amazing actress” but on working with her in the future he added, “Kangana now directs films herself. I will not say that I won’t work with her but what I will do? If I work with her, then I have to give the clap during the shoot and work as a clapper boy because Kangana writes the story herself and also directs the films herself.”

Vikram Bhatt On Working With Kangana

Vikram Bhatt On Working With Kangana

Talking about Kangana’s recent turf war with Bollywood celebrities he said, “Kangana can make her own films. I don’t think Kangana has ever worked in a Yash Raj Films film. I guess she worked in a film with Karan Johar but now neither she will work with him nor will Karan work with her. However, she will get work and it’s not like she will completely be boycotted.”

Vikram Bhatt On Kangana's Future In Bollywood

Vikram Bhatt On Kangana’s Future In Bollywood

“If four to five films of Kangana are hits then everyone will want to work with her. If not, then no one will go to her. This is a very simple thing which happens in the film industry,” Vikram added. He also said that people need to be cautious, and added, “This is independent India. How can someone be stopped from saying what they want to? But definitely, if you annoy someone, they will react to it and one should be prepared to face the reactions and the consequences.”

Vikram Bhatt's Last Release Was Hacked

Vikram Bhatt’s Last Release Was Hacked

Vikram Bhatt recently directed Hina Khan-starrer Hacked that released in earlier in 2020. Vikram Bhatt reportedly is a part of the writing team of Amitabh Bachchan and Emran Hashmi’s film Chehre.

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