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Did Kenan really know his late wife Cori? 

That’s what the recently-widowed dad is trying to figure out on tonight’s all-new episode of NBC’s Kenan, and as he reveals in this exclusive sneak peek clip, it’s all because of a mysterious restraining order he recently discovered. 

In the clip, Kenan Thompson‘s character of the same name has recruited his brother Gary (Chris Redd) and father-in-law Rick (Don Johnson) to try and make sense of the document, despite it being the middle of the night. 

“Now that I’ve seen this restraining order, I can’t get it out of my head,” Kenan explains. “And I won’t be able to until we get to the bottom of it…It’s my can’t-stop, won’t-stop personality. It’s why we don’t keep pizza Pringles in the house!”

“Let it go, man,” Rick responds. “There’s nothing that drinking alone in the dark for a few hours can’t cure.”

Gary proves to be more helpful, but not by much. “What if she was caught jumping on the neighbor’s trampoline?” he suggests after his first answer—that Cori broke into someone’s property to feed deer—is shot down. 

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