The Bachelorette Sneak Peek: Why Don’t Clare Crawley’s Contestants Want to Spend Time With Her? – E! Online

Clare Crawley may have potentially met her husband, but it doesn’t look like she’s having a great time with the men who probably aren’t her husband. 

In an exclusive promo for next week’s episode of The Bachelorette, the star continues to make her feelings for Dale Moss very clear and for some reason, it’s causing major problems among all the other men also competing for her heart. 

“Clare’s actions are completely unacceptable,” one of them says, and a whole couch full of men seem to agree. They look grumpy! 

“Does anybody wanna spend time with me?” Clare asks. “If you guys all wanna hang out with each other, you can do that and I can go home and go to bed.”

But the promo doesn’t make it look all bad. 

One date seems to involve some stripping for a lot of guys and a blindfolded kiss for one guy named Dale. Seems a little early for things to be getting this steamy, but clearly Clare is not interested in taking things slow.

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