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Sisterly support.

In this clip from Thursday, Oct. 22’s all-new The Bradshaw Bunch, Erin Bradshaw convinces sister Rachel Bradshaw to perform at a NASCAR race. However, since Rachel hasn’t performed in some time, she’s very reluctant to agree to the gig.

“I’m just not confident in it anymore,” she informs Erin. “It’s like you not riding a horse for four years and then going out and showing at the World’s Show.”

Unfortunately for Rachel, this isn’t a great defense as Erin reminds her sister that she’s “done that.”

“I have taken a break,” Erin relays. “And you still have to get back at it. You gotta start somewhere.”

As Erin continues, she informs Rachel that she is performing at the race, whether she wants to or not.

“Bottom line is you’re doing it, you’re singing,” she further remarks. “I’ll tune in Sunday.”

In a confessional, Erin reveals that she won’t be able to support her sister at NASCAR as she has a horse show.

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