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Somehow over the past few months we had managed to forget about that Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) fight. 

All the way back in March, This Is Us ended season four with a lot of surprises and one brutal fight between two brothers. It cut deep, to the point where Kevin was telling Randall that his presence in their family was the worst thing that had ever happened to him. With all that has happened in the world since, we had totally put that fight out of our minds, but now it’s back thanks to the season five trailer. 

Thanks to flashforwards to the Big Three’s 40th birthday, we knew that Randall and Kevin were not speaking to each other for a while, and the new trailer seems to show that Randall goes to the cabin where the rest of his family is celebrating, hopefully to make amends—though after the things that were said, we can’t see that happening too quickly.

But that’s not the only issue season five is delving into. 

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