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5 Female Rappers That Changed The Game

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Hip hop has traditionally been a bit of a boy’s club, but like in almost every other genre of music, female artists are making their voices heard and delivering mega-hits for the masses.

It seems like the tides have shifted big time in just the past few years, but girl power has been a movement in rap for a long time!


Dana Owens is called Queen for a reason. She was rhyming with the best of them all the way back in the ‘80s, long before anyone expected a woman to succeed in the game.

The single “Ladies First” from her debut album All Hail the Queen says it all. It was time for a powerful female voice in the hip hop scene, and she was at the front of the line.

It’s been nothing but love for Queen Latifah since that 1989 debut. She’s been in shows, movies and has started a number of big business ventures. Talk about a true female icon!


Back in the ‘90s Lauryn Hill showed young women everywhere that girls don’t have to play by the rules! She had attitude and beauty to match, and her hits are still played today.

Lauryn also broke through barriers by rapping alongside some of the biggest names in the game, including Nas, the Roots, and her own supergroup Fugees.

We don’t hear much from Lauryn these days, but she has earned her rightful place in the female rap hall of fame.


With smash hits like “Get Ur Freak On” and “Work It”, Missy Elliott was one of the first female rappers to produce club bangers that get everyone on the dance floor.

Back in 2017, she was listed by Billboard as the best-selling female rapper of all time and was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame around the same time.

Her persona is legendary, and we encourage young rap fans to check out some of her earlier stuff. It still goes hard!

She has moved into executive production roles in recent years, but you’ll still love hearing her songs on throwback playlists at every party!


Known for her aggressive and sexy style, Lil Kim came onto the scene with a huge amount of appeal for guys and girls alike!

With over 15 million album sales, multiple awards, and plenty of accolades, there’s no denying the influence and innovation of Lil Kim.

Also known as a fashion icon, Kim was one of the first female rappers to push the limits of style and truly dominate in the visual music video format.

Go watch any Lil Kim video from back in the day and you can tell she was ahead of the game.

Without her visionary music and look, who knows where the industry would be today?


Carrying the torch proudly for her female rap forerunners, Nicki Minaj is one of the biggest stars in the world at the moment.

Recognized and signed by Lil Wayne back in 2009, this girl from New York City has quickly skyrocketed to fame thanks to killer bars, crazy style, and an unpredictable persona.

Those wondering how old is Nicki Minaj may be surprised to hear she is 37 years old. Not exactly new to the game, but still definitely in her prime.

Still, Nicki continues to top charts and shock audiences with her antics. We can’t get enough!

We are eager to see where her career turns next, and how she will influence new generations of female rappers to go head-to-head with the boys.

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5 Female Rappers That Changed The Game
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