The United Arab Emirates said it would normalize relations with Israel about confronting Iran, and rejected criticism of the Turkish leader’s pact.

This is not about Iran. It is about the UAE, Israel, and the United States, Anwar Gargash, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, said in a mobile interview. This is not in any way meant to construct some kind of group against Iran.

While the Trump administration and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have strived to frame the pact as part of their endeavor to confront and isolate Iran, Gargash demonstrated that the UAE is not glancing to flare up with neighbors.

He said We have very complex relations with Iran. While we have our own suspicions, we also feel that settling these issues must be through prudence and de-escalation.

On Friday Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan let out that Turkey may revoke its ambassador to the UAE over the country’s treaty with Israel, announcing it is a blow to Palestinian rights. Gargash dismissed the declaration as a double standard, shining on Turkey’s own crucial trade associations with Israel.

They get over a large portion of a million Israeli sightseers, have $2 billion worth of reciprocal exchange, and a current consulate there. Furthermore, I ask myself whether this is a principled position or not, Gargash declared. 

Under the arrangement, Israel consented to set aside for the time being its vow to attach West Bank land the Palestinians need for a state. We have been exceptionally worried about the issue of addiction, Gargash said. Through this innovative declaration, we have at any rate had the option to give negotiations space.

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