GM takes to skies with flying car concept unveiled at CES

General Motors said it was working on a flying car concept aircraft, releasing a video at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show but few details

General Motors on Tuesday joined the race for flying cars, unveiling its concept for an autonomous air taxi at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show.

The US auto giant offered few details, releasing only a video of the Cadillac brand electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL) on its digital exhibit page.

Several aeronautics firms and startups have shown similar flying cars in recent years, although there are no apparent plans for any immediate commercialization.

“How do you have a more convenient and luxurious commute?” the narrator on the GM video says. “By taking to the skies”

Featured was a single-seat aircraft capable of traveling autonomously up to 90 kilometers (55 miles) per hour from rooftop to rooftop, propelled by eight rotors using “next generation battery technology.”

“VTOL is a key to GM’s vision for a multimodal future,” the narrator said, voicing over a simulation of the aircraft in flight.

The news came as GM unveiled a new BrightDrop brand for electric vans and made other announcements on its plans to ramp up electric-powered vehicles.

GM charges up new unit to sell electric delivery vans, gear

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