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Time to vote for Canada’s national lichen — the ‘spectacular’ organisms that carpet the country | CBC Radio

Not everyone knows what lichen is, but Troy McMullin wants Canadians to know how lucky we are to have a lot of the fungus-like organisms. That's...

Tornadoes in Tennessee leave at least 7 dead | CBC News

At least two tornadoes shredded buildings across the city of Nashville and central Tennessee early Tuesday, killing at least seven people. The Tennessee Emergency...

Baffin Bay polar bears spending more time on land, but population stable for now | CBC News

The polar bears of Baffin Bay are tremendous travellers: they cross the ice-covered water between Baffin Island, Nunavut, and Greenland, tracing coastlines that can cover tens...

Fossil identified as ‘great-grandfather’ of wolverines | CBC News

Two ancient weasel ancestors fight in a reconstruction based on a fossil skull and teeth. Corumictis wolsani is the oldest weasel ever found in...

Fewer boys were born in Ontario after Trump was elected president: study | CBC News

As the U.S. presidential election continues to take shape south of the border, new research reveals how Ontario was impacted by Donald Trump's presidential...

Warm winter means Germany can’t make any ice wine | CBC Radio

For the first time in Germany's winemaking history, the country's vinyards won't produce any ice wine, according to the German Wine Institute.  That's because...

Mi’kmaq-designed software helps communities see how climate change could impact them | CBC News

Mi'kmaq-designed software that blends 3D modelling, laser scanning and environmental data is being developed to help communities in the Atlantic region prepare for the potential catastrophic results...

Twitter can be used to track spread of diseases like COVID-19: Guelph researchers | CBC News

Researchers at the University of Guelph have developed a system to help track the spread of infectious diseases using Twitter, a framework they say has...

UBC astronomy student finds 17 new possible planets, 1 may have water | CBC News

University of British Columbia astronomy student Michelle Kunimoto has an out-of-this world job.  Kunimoto scours space for undiscovered planets. And she's just uncovered...

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