PlayStation 5 matches the price of the Xbox Series X

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Sony has matched the price of its flagship PlayStation 5 to that of the Xbox Series X. Last time, the PS4 was significantly cheaper.

It also confirmed the “digital edition” of the console – which does not have a disc drive – would cost about 40% more than the lower-end Xbox Series S.

Both versions are set to be released on 19 November in the UK, and 12 November in the US, Japan and Australia.

That puts them slightly later than Microsoft’s 10 November launch date.

Sony was the clear leader in the last generation of the so-called console wars.

The various PlayStation 4 consoles outsold the Xbox One range by a factor of more than two to one.

But the £449/$500/€500 cost of its new top-end machine and £360/$400/€400 price of the disc-less one means it may be a closer battle this time round, at least to begin with.

Many industry-watchers believe Microsoft’s combination of a £250 price for the XBox Series S – which will deliver lower-resolution graphics than its sibling – and the value offered by the Xbox Game Pass subscription service could give the US firm an advantage.

Microsoft offers members its first-party blockbuster games at launch in its games library, unlike Sony’s existing PlayStation Now services, which is limited to older major releases.

Sony showed off a new subscription service called the PlayStation Plus collection for the PS5.

But it appeared to focus on some of the PS4’s greatest hits – including Last of Us Remastered, God of War and Bloodborne – rather than any of the PS5’s new releases.

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image captionThe trailer for the new Final Fantasy game said it would only be released on the PS5 and PCs

That means Sony will need to rely on the draw of titles that are not available on other consoles to woo gamers who have not yet decided which platform to invest in.

To that end, during a virtual event it showed trailers and gameplay for:

  • Final Fantasy XVI – the latest entry in Square Enix’s series, which appears to set in a medieval world this time round after the sci-fi-themed last title
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – including a lengthy battle with super-villain The Tinkerer on a bridge
  • Deathloop – an assassin-themed shooter in which time repeats, helping players learn how best to hunt their targets

Many of the games on show had been previewed at an earlier event in June.

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image captionHogwarts Legacy is an open-world game set more than 100 years before Harry Potter was born

But there was also a first look at the much anticipated Harry Potter spin-off role-player game Hogwarts Legacy, which will be a cross-platform release in 2021.

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