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France seeks Unesco heritage status for the baguette

Some 10 billion baguettes are consumed in France each year, according to data site Planetoscope, but about 20,000 bakeries have closed since 1970, as...

Georgia lawmaker arrested as governor signs new election law

Former president Donald Trump, who was the first Republican to lose the state in a presidential election since 1992, repeatedly pressured elected officials in...

Dominion Voting sues Fox News for $1.6bn over election fraud claims

Conservatives baselessly claimed that Dominion Voting System rigged the 2020 vote against Donald Trump. BBC News - World Source - www.bbc.co.uk

‘I’m tripping right now. What is going on?’

The lights streaking across US skies on Thursday stunned onlookers. But this wasn't a meteor shower. BBC News - World Source - www.bbc.co.uk

Coronavirus: France accuses UK of ‘blackmail’ over vaccine exports

The row over Covid vaccination supplies escalates after France's foreign minister criticises the UK. BBC News - World Source - www.bbc.co.uk

Xinjiang cotton: How do I know if it’s in my jeans?

Retailers typically only know the first tier in their supply chain. For example, a retailer commissions a shirt from a supplier, who buys the...

Suez Canal: Ships stuck in ‘traffic jam’ as salvage efforts continue

The queue has "grown exponentially" since a container vessel blocked the waterway, a sailor says. BBC News - World Source - www.bbc.co.uk

Rwanda genocide report to focus on French links

The commission members are not Rwanda specialists - that was a deliberate choice to ensure their neutrality, AFP reports. They include experts on the...

Abiy Ahmed: Eritrea ‘will withdraw’ troops from Ethiopia in Tigray conflict

There is growing international pressure on Ethiopia to end fighting that has displaced thousands. BBC News - World Source - www.bbc.co.uk

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