The US has undergone a humiliating defeat at the United Nations because a proposal to expand arms on Iran won support from the Dominican Republic only on a Security Council vote. 

The US resolution was unlikely to pass amid Russian and Chinese opposition. It was recommended by the Trump administration as a resolution to open the way for more drastic action against Iran. 

But, on Friday, the scale of the defeat further underscores US isolation on the world stage, ahead of a major diplomatic confrontation that threatens to consume and advance its authority over the Security Council.

The US snatched anti-Iran rhetoric from the first draft of the proposal in hopes of recruiting more supporters but insisted that an extension to the UN embassy would be indefinite. Estonia and Tunisia removed the eleventh-hour US pressure to support the revised draft, a measure of US skirmishes at the United Nations. Russia and China voted against the proposal, the US and the Dominican Republic voted in favor, and all other council members abstained.

Mike Pompeo, the US secretary of state, in his response to the vote, lashed out at other part states. He said in a statement that is issued even before the vote result had been announced that the failure of the Security Council to act decisively in the defense of international peace and security is unforgivable.

US officials have said that after the defeat of the proposal for an arms embargo, they would begin within days on a legally controversial strategy in an effort to restore UN sanctions when a major powers nuclear deal in 2015 Was signed by Iran. 

The Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA) deal has a mechanism that allows either party to “withdraw” UN sanctions on Iran.

Richard Gowan, UN director at the International Crisis Group said this week’s US goal is clearly a table of resolutions that will fail, so they have got an excuse to go to Snapchat next week. He added that it’s just a little embarrassing that it has failed so badly. 

Brian Hook, The US special envoy on Iran, declared his resignation before the resolution of arms at the United Nations.

However, if the US goes ahead with its snapback plan, it could lead to circumstances in which there is no agreement on the status of the UN sanctions, with the US declaration that they are in effect and that there would be insistence and most other countries are not.

Govan said, they are going to enter soon what you can call the Security Council in Wonderland’, by which the US will contend that the snapback train is running and others refuse to accept it. He added there will be a lot of procedural quarrels in the council but there will be basically two realities. 

The UK may find itself stuck between those two realities, which may force them to choose between them. London is close to the European line agreed so far with France and Germany. 

Gowan said that the UK appears to have chosen to pursue its security relationship with Paris and Berlin for a Brexit trade deal with the US. 

A senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment Institute for Peace, Suzanne DiMaggio, said US focus was not on building coalitions on the matter, but on instigating a diplomatic confrontation at the U.N. to appease Trump’s main supporters.

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